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Customer Stern lowers CO2 footprint with Hydro REDUXA
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Mar. 2, 2020 - Hydro’s primary aluminium range with low CO2 footprint, Hydro REDUXA, has just been released to the extrusion market. Stern, a producer of conservatories and patio covers in Germany, is one of the first customers to fully switch to the low-carbon alternative.

Stern is one of Hydro's first customers to fully switch to Hydro REDUXA in order to lower the CO2 emissions for its conservatories.

The company offers high-quality conservatories, patio covers, sun protection and ventilation. It is also a company that truly values sustainability.

“At Stern, we drive electric cars, we have electric charging stations, and we even produce our own electricity: At this point we are 70 percent self-sufficient. To us, choosing Hydro REDUXA, which is made by 100 percent renewable energy, is a natural choice. We want to lead by example,” says Stern’s CEO Frank Schulte.

Hydro REDUXA is Hydro’s primary aluminium which is based on renewable energy. The average aluminium consumed in Europe contains 8.6 kg CO2 per kilo aluminium. In comparison, Hydro REDUXA certifiably contains up to 4 kg CO2 per kg aluminium.

Hydro REDUXA has a lower CO2 footprint than comparable aluminium. Source: IAI/EAA/Hydro

With carbon emissions being considered an increasing threat to society, many of Hydro’s customers are looking to source materials with a lower CO2 footprint, particularly customers who have high sustainability ambitions, or who wants to attain green labels on their products. Hydro REDUXA, along with Hydro’s recycled aluminium range Hydro CIRCAL, gives customers a choice to lower their CO2 footprint and improve their environmental standards.

Stern has five production sites in Germany which specialize in conservatories. The aluminium extrusions are delivered by Hydro’s Drunen, Offenburg and Hoogezand plants.

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